Sunday, February 1, 2009

Career In The Making

A little bit about me and how I started.
Well my name is DJ Kold in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I started off as a Internet DJ doing mix tapes and chopped and screw music. In 2003 I had no experience, so started shadowing other DJs. Most of the DJs didn't want me watch them work, so I went ahead and did it on my own. I had no hardware to work with, so I used computer programs to start off. I practiced with music I had and did mix tapes with those. I pasted the mix tapes at a local store for free to get some feedback. Local rappers wanted me to host there mix tapes for money.

I gained more artist in 2004. Money was being made and I started to save my mix tape money towards the hardware I needed. A local group wanted me to be there permanent DJ in 2004 and I accepted the offer cause it was something new and I can feel apart of something too. My name was being heard by artist and local DJs which made me friends to network with. The group I was DJing for broke up in 2005. I still work with some of the artist from the group most stopped rapping and went for other careers.

My upgrades and new trades.
I was still in high school in 2005 and made decent money from DJing. In 2005 I had 10 solo artist and 20 groups I was doing mix tapes for and loved every minute of it. In 2006 I was graduating from East Central High School and worked for EZ Pawn. Most of my hardware for DJing was from work and it was discounted. Now I have no more school and can attend more to my DJing. Djing was becoming easy to me in 2006. I remember in 2003 DJs didn't wanna show me nothing, so I started to help up and coming DJs here in Tulsa. Most of the new DJs needed more people to network with so I gave them artist that needed new DJs. I helped other DJs and networked the whole year of 2006.

In 2007 I stopped DJing and learned diffe
rent trades. Photography was one good trade. I made decent money doing photos for people. Videos was the other trade and that was for fun. I did a couple of music videos and DVDs for artist for free to get experience. In 2008 I started DJing again and had new trades to make more money.

The Come up
Later in 2008 I went to Three 6 Mafia myspace page and saw Cheru Jackson in there comments. He had a video posted with Tulsa, Oklahoma on it. He had a website called on the video and I checked the site out and contacted him. We talked and got ideas from each other. We knew and worked with the same people so we got along good. On December 6, 2008 I joined Zulu Nation South DJ Squad, I.D.J.T.A., and Trunk Hustlers.

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